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As a technology-driven thermoset molder, Woodland Plastics provides integrated manufacturing solutions to serve OEMs and its customers with molded thermoset components and assemblies to meet OEM product and specification requirements. One area Woodland leverages technology is by utilizing IQMS, a real-time ERP software system, throughout its manufacturing operation. The IQMS ERP is connected to all molding machines and auxiliary equipment, and allows Woodland to record, monitor, and analyze production data in real time or through prior history data sets of production. Woodland leverages IQMS in various functions, including production data collection and monitoring, work instructions and document control, layered process audits and quality inspections, predictive and preventive maintenance, and employee and job-specific training.

Woodland Plastics continuously explores improvements to existing processes and equipment with investments in molding and auxiliary equipment, machinery, and automation solutions. Whether a product requires zero-defect shipments, 100% camera inspection, or special manufacturing requirements, Woodland can develop a manufacturing and inspection process to meet customer and product quality and delivery standards.

Utilizing IQMS, a plastics-industry leading, real-time ERP software system, gives Woodland Plastics the ability to:

Thermoset molding graph
  • Monitor the entire manufacturing process

  • Monitor real-time production and scheduling

  • Manage document control

  • Use predictive maintenance for tooling and machines

  • Set up Just-In-Time (JIT) product delivery

  • Develop project/asset management tools.

Technology Spotlight – Automated Degating Machine

By investing in a custom-built degating machine, Woodland Plastics:

- Offers an automated deflash operation, increasing throughput.
- Reduces labor costs & process variation by eliminating operator variation.
- Tracks production with ERP software for real-time productivity data.
- Tracks real-time data for advances in predictive & preventive maintenance of the machine.

Technology Spotlight – Automated Vision Inspection System

Woodland Plastics implemented this automated vision inspection system for a 42-cavity lighting component program in order to:

- Provide a cost-efficient, automated secondary inspection process to 100% inspect parts.
- Inspect large-volume parts that would be costly to inspect manually.
- Eliminate operator inspection error due to automated repeatability.
- Measure a variety of dimensions & part characteristics that may be difficult to inspect manually.

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