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Commitment to Quality

Woodland Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 certified, with a Commitment to Quality to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement, teamwork, a sense of urgency, and a strong focus on technological improvements. With multiple quality assurance processes in place from in-process inspections and layer process audits, to customized predictive and preventive maintenance built into Woodland’s ERP software system, our customers rely on Woodland Plastics to provide high quality parts with on-time shipments.

At the heart of Woodland Plastics’ commitment to quality are our preventive and corrective action procedures, which isolate each issue or concern, and ensures all potential non-conforming parts are recorded and evaluated to eliminate the true root cause of a defect or issue. Woodland Plastics leverages its manufacturing ERP software to direct and record quality functions including managing inspection data, process audits, production metrics, work instructions, and document control.


Quality Process:

  • Woodland Plastics’ quality process starts with the commitment made by each employee.

  • Continuous improvement and training is the focus of everything we do.

  • Internal weekly and quarterly meetings detect non-conformances and prevent future non-conformances.

  • All issues and concerns are met with urgency.

  • Multiple performance indicators are monitored, including production, on-time shipment and delivery, scrap, and non-conforming part statistics.

  • Data is constantly recorded and analyzed to ensure parts are produced at the highest quality.

Quality Spotlight – Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

With a coordinate measuring machine, Woodland Plastics is able to:

- Check multiple features of a part on different planes, angles, & radii.
- Compare physical part dimensions with 3D CAD data.
- Provide measurement data with high precision and accuracy.
- Automate secondary measuring operation, limiting labor costs.

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