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Oil Pan Blocker for Automotive Industry

Thermoset Injection Molding of Polyester Oil Pan Blocker for the Automotive IndustryInterested in developing an under-the-hood component that can take on high heat, while providing resistance to oil and other automotive fluids, an Automotive customer in Michigan partnered with Woodland Plastics to utilize our thermoset molding services for this oil pan blocker shown below.

Using BMC 675 – a thermoset polyester material - the oil pan blocker is injection molded in a single cavity from a 250-ton thermoset injection molding machine. The final part weights roughly 200 grams and measures 124mm in length x 98mm in width.

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Project Highlights for Oil Pan Blocker

Product Description This oil pan blocker is used within an automotive engine application.
Thermoset Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes
Mold Design
  • Managed Mold Build
Thermoset Injection Molding
  • Install Torque Limiters
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Single Cavity Mold
250 Ton Thermoset Injection Molding Machine
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 124mm
Width: 98mm
Tightest Tolerances
True Position of Ø.75mm
Flatness of .3mm
Surface of .5mm
Material Used Polyester-BMC675
Color Black
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection
  • Verify no Shorts, Flash, Cracks
  • Check for Properly Inserted Limiters
Estimated Part Weight 200 Grams
Industry for Use Automotive
Delivery Location Michigan
Standards Met Customer supplied print, CAD Drawing
Product Name Oil Pan Blocker

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