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Examples of Our Work

As a thermoset BMC and phenolic molder, Woodland Plastics provides finished thermoset components that feature strong temperature and chemical resistance properties to customers in a range of applications and end markets. Whether a product assembly operates in elevated operating temperatures, is exposed to chemicals, oils, or automotive fluids, or may be susceptible to electrical current, molded thermosets provide protection for components in aggressive environments at a competitive cost point compared to metals and engineered thermoplastic solutions. Molded thermosets give customers the assurance a product will remain strong and durable throughout the life of the product assembly.


PDF Thermoset Molding for Appliance Applications

Grill Handle for Appliance IndustrtyGrill Handle for Appliance IndustryMore >>   Terminal Block for Appliance IndustryTerminal Block for Appliance IndustryMore >>
Sink for the Appliance IndustrySink for Appliance IndustryMore >>   Condensation Drain Pan for HVAC IndustryCondensation Drain Pan for HVAC IndustryMore >>


PDF Thermoset Molding for Automotive Applications

Oil Pan Blocker for Automotive IndustryOil Pan Blocker for Automotive Industry
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  Ashtray for Automotive IndustryAshtray for Automotive Industry
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Transmission Retaining Plug for Automotive IndustryTransmission Retaining Plug for Automotive IndustryMore >>   Transmission Housing Extension for Automotive IndustryTransmission Housing Extension for Automotive IndustryMore >>
Thrust Washer for Automotive IndustryThrust Washer for Automotive IndustryMore >>  

Electrical & Lighting

PDF Thermoset Molding for Electrical & Lighting Applications

Enclosure for Electrical IndustryEnclosure for Electrical Industry
More >>
  End Cap for Lighting IndustryEnd Cap for Lighting Industry
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Insulation Plug for Electric IndustryInsulation Plug for Electrical Industry
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  Slip Ring for Electrical IndustrySlip Ring for Electrical Industry
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Governor Spool for Electrical Motor IndustryGovernor Spool for Electrical Motor IndustryMore >>   Molded Circuit Breakers for Electrical IndustryMolded Circuit Breakers for Electrical IndustryMore >>


Flash Arm Assembly for Photography IndustryFlash Arm Assembly for Photography Industry More >>   Electrical Splice Connectors for Aerospace IndustryElectrical Splice Connectors for Aerospace IndustryMore >>
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