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1st Shift Molding Supervisor

Job Description: 1st Shift Supervisor (7:00am-3:15pm)

1.Qualification Requirements: High school graduate, five years experience in injection molding, preferrably thermoset molding.​  Previous supervisory experience preferred. Must be bilingual, English and Spanish.

2. Reports to: President.

3. Authority: Supervises all shift personnel.  Authority to determine the adequacy of processes and products for the purpose of continuing production.

4. Special Circumstances of the Job: Necessary to work efficiently and multitask. Must be able to climb a ladder and lift 50 lbs. Must be able to supervise people who may not be able to read, write, or speak English.

5. Job Duties, Functions, Responsibilities: Supervision, instruction, direction and training of molding department personnel in the performance of their duties. Setting and adjusting operating conditions. Diagnosis and correction of setup and operation of molds, presses and other equipment. Performance of lower classification duties required for relief, backup or temporary peaks in workload. Assign operators, prepare production shift reports, monitor employee attendance and performance. Set goals for personnel and monitor their progress. Meet or exceed production goals.

6.Other Duties: Maintenance of safety standards, first aid, seeks professional medical help when needed.

7.Quality Responsibilities: Provide leadership for shift. Insures that all quality policies and procedures are followed by all shift personnel. Responsible for training all shift personnel in the elements of ISO/TS. Forms quality improvement teams and facilitates their activities. Encourages improvement suggestions and helps develop quality improvement ideas.

8. Compensation:

To apply, please e-mail cover letter and resume to

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